Spay & Neuter Programs

Spay and Neuter Programs

At Dogwood, we are passionate about having spay and neuter programs available to animal owners, regardless of their circumstances. With the average cost of a spay/neuter exceeding $400, many pet owners can’t afford the surgery, and end up with unwanted litters. In an attempt to do the right thing, they give unaltered puppies and kittens to friends and family and the cycle of breeding and pet overpopulation continues. Many times those animals end up in situations where the outcome isn’t good.

At Dogwood, our goal is to significantly impact and reduce the number of unwanted litters through our Affordable Spay and Neuter program. We work with veterinarians that offers discounted rates.

We will continue these programs until our funds/budget is exhausted

Like all of our rescue operations, the Spay & Neuter program is fully funded by the efforts of our volunteer events/fundraising teams and donations from our amazingly supportive community. If you are interested in assisting with our Spay & Neuter program and would like to make a donation, please visit our donate page or contact us at to learn more. Thank you for your support.

If you need assistance with low cost spay and neuter, Dogwood provides funding to the following programs. Please contact them directly to set up an appointment and for any questions you have. Dogwood also provides funding to support community cats and feral TNR (trap, neuter, release) cats as outlined below.

Here is the list of areas we are currently serving

Sonoma County, CA

(707) 799-9957

Dogwood provides an affordable spay/neuter program in partnership with the Humane Society.  This program is designed for people that truly can not afford surgeries through their veterinarian. Please note, this phone number is for Spay/Neuter only, all other Dogwood related inquiries should be directed to:

Fresno, CA (and surrounding areas)

Contact Info:
Areas served - Anywhere as long as you can drive your cat to Fresno, CA
Co-pay amount - $30 per cat
Limits for Spay and Neutering-Includes community, feral and friendly cats only
Call for information on instructions for bringing in your cat(s)

Fresno, CA (and surrounding areas)

Provides discounted spay and neuter services for Central Valley dogs and cats. Please refer to H.O.P.E.‘S website at for locations and programs available. Email

Clovis, California

Pawsquad provides spay and neuter services for owned dogs serving all of Fresno county. Large dogs (over 30 lbs) appointments typically take 3 to 4 weeks, small dog appointments takes 1 to 2 weeks for appointments.
To arrange an appointment, please email Typical response time for email requests is 24 hours.
Co-pays for dogs:
Neuters. $20.00 small up to 30
$30.00 large over 31 lbs and over
Spays: $30.00 small
$40.00 large

Atwater, California

Provides spay and neuter for owned dogs, cats as well as feral/community cats in Merced county. Co-pays: $5.00 feral cats and $15 for owned cats; dogs $25 males and $35 females. Appointments typically take up to 4 for dogs and up to 3 weeks for cats.
Contact Elena via text at (209) 261-5907 or email at
Or message Facebook page at

Stockton, Ca

SOKS provides spay and neuter surgeries for community cats or feral TNR cats.
SOKS services Stockton cats (may be able to help beyond Stockton if someone can trap themselves, call to ask). SOKS loans traps and educates people on how to trap cats. Inquires will be responded to quickly though trapping can take up to two months depending on time of year and volume scheduled. SOKS has no co-pay but accepts donations to offset costs. Call Ewa Dozier at (209) 623-9223 or email at  Response time will be quick.



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