Surrender Your Pet

We get multiple requests every day to save pets who are in shelters or in need of a new home due to other circumstances. Our foster homes remain at full capacity. There are simply too many sitting on death row in shelters waiting for their chance to be saved, and not enough adopters or people who are willing to make room in their lives to take them in. 

We can only help as many as we have the foster space & resources for, and our primary mission is to save those in shelters who have been abandoned or orphaned. Shelters, even those local to us, are completely overburdened with pets and thousands end up being euthanized due to lack of space. Please do whatever you need to do to keep your pet with you. Surrendering a pet to a shelter is incredibly stressful and frightening, and there is no guarantee they will make it out alive. They will be surrounded by hundreds of other pets who are crying, shaking, and barking, wondering where their families are. You are your pets' family, please don't break the promise of forever to them.

If you are absolutely out of options and have no other choice but to find a new place for your pet, we would like to refer you to 'Rehome'.

It is an amazing new tool designed through the Petco Foundation to help pets go from their current home directly to their new adopter without ever entering a shelter, placing additional burden on a rescue, or ending up in dangerous hands via a classified site. It guides individuals who are rehoming a pet and gets their pet seen by thousands of potential adopters on Please visit the link above and they will guide you through the process of finding a new home. We hope your pet gets the happily-ever-after that every pet deserves

Thinking of surrendering your animal to Dogwood?

We understand that sometimes it is necessary to surrender your animal. Dogwood Animal Rescue Project does take in animals surrendered by their owners. Please understand that because we don't have an animal shelter, we help when we can depending on the situation and if we have space available in our volunteer foster homes.

A surrender fee may apply.

Surrender Your Pet

Criteria to surrender your animal to Dogwood Animal Rescue Project.

We understand that sometimes despite best efforts it is necessary to surrender your animal.

By completing a surrender form you are acknowledging that you are the legal owner of the animal described and you understand that once Dogwood accepts the animal and you physically give the animal to Dogwood, you are giving up all rights of possession and ownership of the animal, and that you will not be able to redeem this animal at any time. You agree and understand that this animal will be the sole property of Dogwood Animal Rescue Project and you are conveying all rights of ownership to Dogwood Animal Rescue Project. By submitting this form, you certify that the information you am giving is accurate and complete and agree to hold harmless and indemnify Dogwood Animal Rescue Project, its officers and volunteers, from all claims in connection with the adoption or any other disposition of the animal.

Steps to surrender your animal


Complete the Surrender Form.


Our Team will review your application to determine if we have an open foster home available and whether or not your animal is a fit for our rescue.

Our Decision

If we have a spot available for your animal, you will hear from our volunteer intake team within one week to take the next step in the process.

Other ways to rehome your animal

If your animal is not a good fit or if we do not have room at this time, we suggest taking excellent photos and posting your social media pages and asking your friends & family to share your posts. Also contact other shelters and rescues in your area to see if they have space available.

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