Spay & Neuter

At Dogwood, we are passionate about having spay and neuter programs available to animal owners, regardless of their circumstances.  With the average cost of a spay/neuter exceeding $400, many pet owners can’t afford the surgery, and end up with unwanted litters, dogs that wander, and behavioral issues.  In an attempt to do the right thing, they give unaltered puppies and kittens to friends and family, and the cycle of breeding and pet overpopulation continues. Many times those animals end up in situations where the outcome isn’t good.

At Dogwood, our goal is to significantly impact and reduce the number of unwanted litters through our Affordable Spay and Neuter program.  We work with a veterinarian that offers a discounted rate, and ask that you pay our cost (or even a portion) if possible.

Call this number to schedule an appointment or find out more information: 707-799-9957. Please note, this phone number is for Spay/Neuter only, all other inquiries should be directed to:

Like all of our rescue operations, the Spay & Neuter program is fully funded by donations from our amazingly supportive community and our community veterinary partners. If you are interested in assisting with our Spay & Neuter program and would like to make a donation, please visit our support page or contact us at to learn more. Thank you for your support. 

Making a difference, one animal at a time.