German Shepherd Dog - Adult - Female
Adoptable Large housetrainedNeutered/SpayedRoutine shots are currentSpecial Needs

Sasha – came to us very ill but never once did she give up – her eyes always had hope and love in them. She was so sick we had to prop her head in order for her to sleep.

As a true German Shepard she is energetic and effervescent to new things – like a kid on Christmas morning – she can come off at dog park as pushy, but she is just very excited. She loves dogs and love playing with them. She would do great in a home with another playful dog. She walks on a leash – but, again, when she sees something she does tend to pull – but has gotten better with training. She loves rides in the car and rides along quietly. She could do well with a dog savvy cat.

Per foster mom:
OK her issues…she has Environmental allergies and is on allergy meds every other day. She is on a limited diet that seems to work well and is easy to find. Her treats are also special due to possible food allergies (she does not do well on chicken). Her flabby neck skin gets wet when she drinks and with no hair for it to run off of – it starts to get stinky/infected, so every couple of days I do a quick wash (takes 45 seconds) and she is good to go. I also bath her 2x month with medicated shampoo for her skin and we have seen no hair loss and she isn’t scratching at all. I think the hair that is gone – is gone for good – due to the skin allergies – but everyone thinks she is still beautiful.

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