Domestic Short Hair - Tabby - Adult - Male
Adoptable Small Neutered/SpayedRoutine shots are current

We just can’t figure out why this fun-loving affectionate guy hasn’t found his forever home yet! His foster mom adores him! Here’s what she has to say about Simba:

He’s one of my favorite fosters. He’s smart, playful, affectionate. He’s very interactive; when I talk to him he answers. He seems to understand what I’m saying. I can say: “where’s the birdie?” and he runs to look out the window. I have hummingbird feeders and he likes watching the birds feed. He will lie on my lap, but doesn’t spend a lot of time there. He loves people! When someone comes to the house he eagerly wants to meet them and be friends. Example: I went out on my front patio to meet the delivery lady. We were on my patio chatting and Simba is pawing the screen door and meowing. This happened with another lady who came to look at a bookcase I wanted to give away. She actually went to the screen and was talking to him. So I asked her in and Simba was rubbing against her legs while she petted him. He loves my friends and family. He hasn’t been around a lot of kids, so he might need some time to get used to young people.

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