Cattle Dog - Shepherd - Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium Neutered/SpayedRoutine shots are current

Koda is a one year old, 50 pound, mostly shepherd/cattledog mix who will thrive with someone that knows and understands herding breed temperament and is a confident leader. She needs an adult home (teens and up) either without other dogs or with a confident, larger, friendly alpha dog or dogs. Koda loves to play with other alpha dogs and appreciates the order of the pack but can be too rough with smaller or more submissive dogs. She is dog selective and isn’t a fit for dog parks or off leash hikes where she might encounter other loose dogs.

Koda loves all adults and especially seems to gravitate toward men but like many herding breeds, can be overstimulated and nippy with kids. She’s great on road trips, is very smart, food motivated and learns tricks quickly. She knows Sit, Stay, Lay Down, Shake, Off, Go Potty, Go outside, Basketball, Cookie, Treat, In the Back, Move, Too Much, Quiet, Walk (sit and stay for a walk), go to bed… tons of words. She responds to a whistle to come back. She’s house trained and rings the bells on the door when she wants to go outside. She likes to sleep in the people bed but she does understand when you tell her to go to her bed. She doesn’t love the crate but will go in. She is a lover in so many ways. We believe she could bring a home endless love, it just has to be the right fit.

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