Poodle - Adult - Male
Adoptable Medium Routine shots are current

This stunning 4 year old standard poodle was taken in by his most recent owners in January and we’re told he was badly in need of grooming and training. His new family had him groomed and vaccinated but he wasn’t neutered and was able to jump their fence. He found himself in trouble when he went over the fence and got in a scuffle with another dog. Information is somewhat vague but apparently the owner of the other dog was bitten in the incident. No bite report was filed by the other dog owner and we were unable to find out if there was injury. Koby was surrendered to the shelter and quarantined just in case. Shelter staff found him friendly and easy to handle and he seems to greet other dogs nicely through the fence. In our care he’s unruly and untrained but greeting people joyfully and although he has limited social skills with dogs he’s not showing any aggression.


Dogwood has a commitment and responsibility to keep our community safe, but we also don’t feel that a minor bite is unforgivable in an otherwise nice dog. We’ll be evaluating this boy carefully in the coming days.


Dogwood dogs are in placement for a minimum of 2 weeks and at least 8 weeks of age before being eligible for adoption. Dogs with medical conditions usually have 6 to 8 weeks recovery before becoming available for adoption.


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