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This sweet scared young adult girl is likely less than a year old, about 7 pounds and one of our 5 unsocialized new dogs from a hoarding/rampant breeding situation involving 70 dogs from one residence. She’s In season and was being bred by the male as we we’re taking them in. We quickly separated them and she, and he, will be altered ASAP. Scare to think how quickly they would have added to the overpopulation problem had this case not been stopped when it did. The dogs have likely never been on a leash, to a vet, or out of the backyard they were born in and are scared but are cautiously friendly and surprisingly handleable if you go slow. Dogwood took 5 dogs and a bunch of other rescues each took some until all were saved. There was likely no intent to breed, only a lack of resources to spay/neuter.

Dogwood dogs are in placement for a minimum of 2 weeks and at least 8 weeks of age before being eligible for adoption. Dogs with medical conditions usually have 6 to 8 weeks recovery before becoming available for adoption.

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