Siamese - Young - Male
Adoptable Small Neutered/SpayedRoutine shots are current

Fernando 8-9 months old he had a rough start in life and is still learning about human touch, love and affection but he’s making progress. Through testing we found that Fernando has FIV. Cats with usually live a normal lifespan with good care but usually shouldn’t live with other cats unless they also have it as there is a risk if they fight. Talk about a hard luck turned good he also has a condition seen in some cats from closely bred populations where his teeth were falling out so the vet removed them. Since FIV is usually spread through deep puncture wounds from fighting Fernando is unlikely to be able to infect and other cats. He can still make a wonderful companion in a quiet patient home and toothless cats usually eat even kibble well.

Here’s what his foster home has to say:

“Fernando is very shut down emotionally. Super sweet but afraid of everything. Not sure if he even knew what petting was. He’s slowly warming up to us after much forced affection. He purrs when we snuggle him but prefers to hide most the time. Last night we managed to get him to play a little bit with a string and I have a feeling he’s gonna be very frisky once he’s more confident. He is incredibly sweet. He had a bath and is eating tons of food.”

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