Corgi - Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium housetrainedNeutered/SpayedRoutine shots are current

Our little bounce back kid has bounced back again. Cleo is a corgi/cattle dog type mix of around 2 years of age. She’s been a friendly, happy girl in both foster homes, and has played with dogs of all ages and lived with cats with some management. She’s crate trained, house trained, good in the car and has a blast at the off leash beach. But…… in her first adoptive home, she was returned for lap guarding against the cat (usually workable) and from her second home for becoming too protective of the perimeter fence, and against visitors. She was great with the young children in the second home but growled at their friends, and other people coming to the home. An experienced volunteer went to assess her and found her to be very anxious and defensive against visitors.

Cleo came back into one of her previous foster homes. She’s been a good girl there, greeting visitors sweetly and playing happily with other dogs. She can be bossy with some female dogs but plays by the hour with most dogs of all shapes and sizes. She bonds tightly to her people and will follow them through fire. She’s super cuddly and affectionate too.

We’ve spent a week evaluating Cleo to make sure she’s a safe dog and she’s been a darling. She would thrive in a dog savvy home and will make a fabulous companion in the right situation. Cattledogs and corgis can both be headstrong and intelligent breeds needing lots of guidance and exercise to succeed.

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