Adoption FAQs

Q: Are the animals on the Dogwood ( website currently available for adoption?

A: Yes!  That said, once adopted, it could take up to a day or two for the photo to be removed.

Q: How do I get an adoption application for a dog or cat? 

A: Our applications are available online:

Dog adoption applications: 

Cat adoption applications: 

Q: How do I request a specific animal?

A: Please indicate on the adoption application the specific animal you are applying for.  Our adoption team will contact you to review your application with you once it is approved.

Q: What if I am interested in more than one animal?

A: Feel free to write multiple animals names on the application!

Q: I submitted my application, now what? What is the adoption approval process?

A: The adoption team will review each application, verify references by contacting your veterinarian (if you have had one for other pets), your landlord (to verify it is permissible to have a pet in your current living situation) as well as a background check.  If these are acceptable then a telephone interview will be conducted by an adoption counselor to ensure a loving, safe and responsible home for one of Dogwood’s valued rescued animals.

Once the adopter is approved to adopt one of Dogwood’s animals, and a suitably animal matched animal is available, then a visit is scheduled.  Because all of our animals are being fostered in private homes, we do not have open visiting—it is all through our application, screening, approval and appointment process. 

Finally—some animals have dozens of applications submitted.  In these cases, our team works closely with all approved applicants to ensure the very best placement for this specific animal.  At this time, if you are notified that you have not been selected, please notify your Adoption Coordinator if you are interested in being considered for a future dog or cat and watch our social media pages and website for other available animals.

Q: What happens at the animal visit appointment?

A: This is a great time to bring members of your household to meet the dog or cat.  Adopting a new pet is a family process—we want to be assured that every family member is going to love our animals!

Q: Once I am selected, what do I bring on adoption day?

A: Please bring a leash for a dog, an animal crate with soft blanket/towel padding and the appropriate funds for the adoption fee. 

Q: What if we have another dog or cat—should we bring them to the visit?

A: Please plan this visit with our adoption team.  Depending upon the animal, and your pet, you may be asked to return for a second visit to assure both you and our team that the match is safe for each animal.

Q: If the visits go well and we are selected to adopt the animal how soon can we take the animal home?

A: Depending upon the age and condition of the animal you may be able to take the animal home immediately following your visit or when older or health issues are resolved.