We’ll be honest, Luna marches to the beat of her own drum and we need your help sharing Luna’s post to find her a home.

Luna has made so much progress with her behavior and her fosters are so proud of her! She is proving to be a wonderful companion who bonds with people in her own unique way.

Luna came to us from a cat colony an RV Park where she charmed the locals into feeding her. Her main caregiver moved away and a kind person contacted Dogwood. Now that she is living the cushy, indoor life, part of her still strongly desires to hunt and hold on to her wild, rambunctious ways. She’s a lovable girl with a very high prey drive and will regularly attack hands that try to pet her. She often attacks her own tail! She still loves being picked up and held by her fosters and sleeps with them at night.

We are looking for a patient and experienced adopter who will help her learn boundaries and will discourage her from attacking hands. Luna being a very skilled hunter, would benefit from an indoor /outdoor environment that will satisfy her prey drive. We are looking for an adult only home, no small children.


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Sex: Female
Age: Baby
Status of Pet: Adoptable
Veterinary Info and/or Requirements: Routine shots are current
Size: Small

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