Yorkshire Terrier - Senior - Male
Adoptable Small Neutered/SpayedRoutine shots are current

Our sweet senior guy Nigel continues to wait for a home. He’s quite elderly but he toddles around in his little old man way. His kidneys aren’t processing food well and he needs daily thyroid pills and a special diet but he’s getting along pretty well for an old guy.

Here’s what his foster mom has to say:

” Nigel is a super easy going guy. He loves his bed, kisses on the head and loves. He really is not that dog that lies with you. He wants his space and his bed. He is very vocal when he has to potty or need something. He is hearing and sight impaired..we have noticed the more comfortable he gets with his surroundings the more those depleted senses seem to kick in. He is good with everything. I bathe him. Clip his nails, wipe his feet, he could care less. He does potty a lil more frequent than most..other than that he is easy!!”

Nigel just needs a soft place and some sweet care to live out his life for however long he has. Dogwood can cover the cost of his meds and special food for an adopter if needed and there is no adoption fee.

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