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Caleb is a 9-month old who’s breed is a mystery. He’s likely some sort of Doodle. The longer snout and curls suggest standard poodle while the build and goofiness could be lab and both those breeds can come in chocolate with gold eyes. He does look a bit like a Chesapeake although his head is much narrower and the coat shaggier. His uniquely short coated face, color, and body curls also look a lot like American and Irish water spaniels but those are very rare breeds and he’s big for an American. He actually looks most like a curly coated retriever, another very rare breed. Whatever he is, he’s an absolute sweetheart who will make a fabulous companion in a home with lots of exercise, love, and training.

Caleb is about 65 pounds, energetic and playful and is NOT hypoallergenic or no shed.

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