Adoption Fees

Adoption Fees 

Our animals receive the best care and medical attention while they are with us, before going home to their forever family. Each of our animals will be provided with appropriate spay/neuter, a microchip, and will be current on all necessary age-appropriate all vaccinations at the time of their adoption. Our adoption fees help to support Dogwood and allow us to rescue more animals. Our adoption fees are as follows:

  • Puppies (6 months and under): starting at $400
  • Dogs (6 months and older): $350
  • Kittens: $180 (discount available when adopting two kittens)
  • Adult Cats: $100
  • Seniors: Adopt fees vary, please talk to Dogwood team member

Have questions about our adoptions process? Visit our Adoptions FAQ page or contact us at

At Dogwood, we are proud to be able to pair animals with their perfect forever families. Part of the way that we ensure long-lasting and loving matches that will work both for the adopters and the animal is by taking the time to get to know the temperament of each animal we take in. Then we are able to find them a home that will be best suited to them – and match you with an animal companion who will be a great fit into your life and family!

If you are interested in adopting through Dogwood we request that you complete an adoption application. It is critical that the information provided is accurate and honest so that we can help you to find the best companion for your lifestyle. If you are applying to adopt a specific animal, please be sure to include that in your application.

Dog Adoption Application

Cat Adoption Application